Premium Tequila

What is Agave?  It is a plant that looks like a cactus but is actually part of the Lily family. This is the same plant that is used to make tequila.

We spent 2 years sourcing the very best agave which is very high in minerals and nutrients.  Our Blue Weber agave plants are organically farmed in rich volcanic soil in Mexico to guarantee the highest quality and purity. This plant takes on average 8 years to mature before harvesting. 

AquaRiva® Organic Agave Syrup is:

* It is a natural alternative to sugar.
* Highest quality available on the market
* Voted “Best of the Best”  Spirits & Drinks Business Magazine in 2012.
* 100% Natural & Organic product.  Certified organic in the USA, UK and Europe.
* Very low GI count, under 30, does not require Insulin to be digested, it is absorbed slowly into the body decreasing the highs/lows associated with the sucrose intake. 
* Under a Doctor’s guidance suitable for diabetics
* High levels of fructose (75%), & minerals: Iron, Calcium, Potassium,Magnesium
* 25% sweeter than sugar means you use much less to sweeten food and drinks
* Approximately 30% fewer calories than sugar
* Neutral flavour so it will not alter the flavour of foods and drinks it is added to. Unlike maple syrup, honey and other natural sweeteners
* Long shelf life up to 24 months without refrigeration, Will not crystallize
* Widely used in cocktails, baking, chocolates, BBQ sauces, jams, soft drinks, icecream, savoury dishes, cereals, health foods, to sweeten tea, coffee & beverages
* Will not cause tooth decay