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Cleo Rocos, Co-star of BBC TV Kenny Everett Show, author of the “Gourmand Prize” winning book “The Power of Positive Drinking”, West End Producer and is the creator of award winning AquaRiva® Tequila. In 2009 Cleo was honoured with a prestigious award by the tequila industry in Mexico. She decided to create AquaRiva® Tequila as she could not find a premium, smooth 100% agave tequila at an affordable price. Cleo’s 100% Agave AquaRiva® Tequila range is made from hand-selected eight-year-old Blue Weber agave plants and volcanic spring water from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and has been awarded the Masters Medal, 3 Gold Medals and “Best of the Best” by – an internationally recognised sign of the highest quality –

Cleo spent over 11 months working with a master blender in Mexico, to create the 3 profiles of AquaRiva® Premium Tequila. She gives master classes in tequila and is a spirits judge. Cleo wanted to minimise the burn often found in tequila and leave the warmth and agave flavours. It’s a very long process to get right, reducing the burn and also reducing the methanol to a very, very low level, so really reducing the hangover people experience.

The label is an image of a couple dancing on the wing of an airplane. Cleo commissioned a 17-year-old art student who she met on the subway to paint the original.

AquaRiva® Tequila can be sipped and savoured as a short drink. It is perfectly balanced for cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders. Cleo has developed AquaRiva® Organic Agave Syrup, already in use in bars, restaurants and clubs Nationwide, enabling drinkers to enjoy sugar-free, reduced calorie versions of all cocktails such as Margaritas, Cosmopolitans and Mojitos etc.



Cleo Rocos

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